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Keep Your Vehicle
Clean and Green

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Everyone likes a clean car or truck.  But did you know that regularly washing your vehicle in your driveway or on the street may be harming our local waters and aquatic life?

When car wash water runs down the street, it carries the soap, dirt and grime into the nearest storm drain or drainage ditch which flow directly into the nearest stream, lake or waterway.  Detailing products can add even more harmful chemicals to the mix.

While you may not think your single car wash is much of a problem, imagine hundreds of your neighbors also having the same idea on a nice day.  That’s a lot of nasty stuff going to our waters! 

When possible, try to wash your truck or car on the lawn or gravel areas where the wash water can soak in and always use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products.  An even better and greener solution is to take your vehicle to a commercial car wash where they recycle and treat the water.

Other useful tips:

  • Consider simply wiping your vehicle down rather than regular washes or try a waterless car wash product.

  • Support a charity car wash that is stormwater-friendly.

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